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Savings Accounts


Regular Shares (Savings)

Credit unions offer regular share accounts, which are similar to savings accounts in other financial institutions. Your regular savings account represents your share of ownership in the credit union. Your initial deposit of $25 is equal to one share of ownership and establishes your account at KEMBA. Members can deposit or withdraw any amount, but they must maintain one share in their savings account to remain a member. Dividends on accounts with $25 or more are calculated daily and paid monthly.

KEMBAROO Savings Rewards

We have a special savings program for members under the age of 13.  Coin Saver Cards are available for Free to fill with quarters.  Each card holds $5 worth of quarters.  When a card is brought back to the Credit Union, we will give you a new card with a quarter inside.  We will also donate a quarter to St. Jude’s with each book.   When 5 cards have been deposited, members get a FREE Joey or they may choose a $10 VISA Gift Card.  With a total of 20 cards, a giant ROO with a baby Joey goes home with you or you have the option to select a $20 gift card for your reward.

Secondary Savings Account

Credit Union members may have a Secondary savings account in addition to their primary share account. This savings account is a separate interest bearing savings account used to help members plan and budget. Members may make deposits into their secondary savings by payroll deduction, direct deposit, phone transfer, or in person.

If you are interested in opening a Secondary savings account to help you to better budget for those monthly or quarterly bills such as insurance, doctor, mortgage, rent, tuition, gas and electric or whatever you may need, please contact us so we can help get you started. You’ll soon realize that saving a little each payday lets you keep more of your paycheck when these bills come due.

VISA 8 Savings

A VISA 8 Savings Account is a separate interest bearing savings account used specifically for VISA card payments. The account offers a safe and convenient way for members to have their VISA charge card payments automatically made each month. You may make deposits into your VISA 8 Savings Account by payroll deduction or direct deposit distribution.

Making a small payment each week is easier to budget according to the large number of members who use this service. Additional VISA payments may be made at any time.

The credit union transfers the entire balance in the VISA 8 savings account on the first Wednesday of each month and applies this amount to your VISA card balance.

Would you like to open a VISA 8 Savings Account? Email your request to us and we will send you the information needed to begin your VISA card deposits.


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