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VISA Charge Cards


KEMBA offers our members one of the best VISA credit cards around. Our 8.99% - 16.99%* fixed rate VISA card has NO ANNUAL FEES, a 25 DAY GRACE PERIOD ON ALL PURCHASES and NO CASH ADVANCE FEES!

Apply For A VISA Card

Verified By Visa is a free service that can help prevent unauthorized purchases before they even happen. This service offers added safety by helping ensure that only you use your VISA card online. Create your password online by visiting www.visa.com/verified. Once you have activated Verified By Visa, shop at any participating online store, enter your VISA number and submit your order. A window will appear and you will need to enter your password for verification. You're then returned to the online store and your purchase is complete! Enroll through the above web site today!

For an added convenience, members may have their VISA payments automatically transferred each month with a VISA 8 Savings account.

Shared Secured VISA cards are available for members who want to establish or improve their credit. 

Information about your KEMBA VISA credit card may be obtained 7 days a week, 24 hours a day by calling 1-800-808-7230 or log on to www.ezcardinfo.com to receive the following:

  • Available credit
  • Recent account transactions
  • Payment information - address to send a payment, minimum amount due, last payment received
  • Current account balance

*Rate is subject to increase based on individual's credit score.

Shared Secured VISA Cards

Money currently in a member’s Share Account is frozen and used as collateral to cover the dollar amount of the limit request.  A KEMBA Platinum Shared Secured VISA Card interest rate is 8.99% and is automatically approved with no credit check. 

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